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8 FC Food Container x500
8oz Food Container x500..
8FCL Vented Food Lid x500 NO. 20JL5
8oz Food Container Vented Lid x500..
C10 Cup - EPS 1x1000
C10 Cup - EPS 1x1000..
10z Vented Lids   L10CB-1  QTY 1000
L10 Lid Vented x 1000..
C12 Cup-EPS 1X1000
C12 Cup EPS 1x1000..
12L Lid Vented x1000
L12 Lid Vented x1000..
C7 Cups - EPS(7oz Polystyrene Solo Cups ) 1x1000
7oz C7 Cups EPS - Polystyrene Solo Cups - x1000..
2Cup Holders 1x150
Plastic Dome Lid   1x1000
Plastic Dome Lid - x1000..
Black Forks Heavy Duty  1x100 (Box -10x100)
Plastic Forks  Box of 1000
Plastic Forks Box of 1000..
Wooden Forks x1000
Wooden Forks x1000..
White Knives
Heavy Duty Knives 1x100 (BOX-10x100)
Kitchen Foil Large 450mmx75m
Kitchen Foil - Large 450mm x 75m ..
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